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Internationalized components to provide multilingual support for Semi components

Languages supported

Minimum supported versionLanguage
v0.0.1Simplified Chinese: zh_CN
v0.7.0English: en_GB, Japanese: ja_JP, Korean: ko_KR
v1.8.0Arabic: ar
v1.11.0Vietnamese: vi_VN、Russian: ru_RU、Indonesian: id_ID、Malay: ms_MY、Thai: th_TH、Turkish: tr_TR
v1.17.0Portuguese: pt_BR
v1.28.0Traditional Chinese: zh_TW
v2.2.0Spanish: es
v2.15.0Italian: it、French:fr、German:de

Components supported


How to use

LocaleProvider uses the context feature of React, and you only need to wrap the periphery of the application once to take effect globally.
When you need to switch the language, you can directly switch the locale passed in by the props.

Code example


Components that support multilingualism

The example gives all the current multilingual components

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