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Set the spacing between components.


How to import

Basic Usage


You can use align to set the alignment, optional: start, center(default), end, baseline.


You can use spacing to set the spacing size, optional: tight (8px, default), medium (16px), loose (24px), and allow to pass in number to customize the spacing size, and also support to pass in array to set the horizontal and vertical spacing at the same time.


You can use vertical to set whether the spacing is vertical, the default is false.


When the spacing is horizontal,you can use wrap to set whether to wrap automatically, the default is false.

API Reference

alignAlignment, optional: startendcenterbaselinestringcenter>=1.17.0
classNameClass namestring->=1.17.0
spacingThe space size, optional: loosemediumtight 、number and arraystring|number|arraymedium>=1.17.0
styleInline styleCSSProperties->=1.17.0
verticalSet to vertical spacingbooleanfalse>=1.17.0
wrapWhether to wrapbooleanfalse>=1.17.0

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