A brief introduction to Semi Design


Semi Design to Code (Semi Design to Code, or Semi D2C for short), is a new efficiency-enhancing tool launched by the Semi Design team at the front end of Douyin.
Semi D2C can convert Figma design drafts into front-end codes with one click, helping the R&D side to quickly realize the UI restoration work, and speeding up the delivery of requirements on the R&D side.

What capabilities do we provide?

Component Identification

One-click identification of Semi components in the design draft, quick preview of component properties, and support for translation into JSX and CSS codes

Layout Restoration

One-click recognition of the layer layout in the Figma page, quickly restore the page layout, no need to develop from 0

Design Draft Inspect

See components used in design sketches for real components, and more inspection capabilities

Sandbox Preview

View transcoding effect in CodeSandbox

Support exporting different framework codes

  • Support JSX + SCSS
  • Support JSX + Tailwind
  • Support JSX + @emotion/css
  • Support JSON Schema

Support Dev Mode

You can quickly view the component code in Figma Dev Mode to avoid repeatedly viewing the component documentation

Support access to third-party component libraries

Make third-party components have the ability to transcode through component library tags

Support access to third-party platforms

JSON Schema retains the transcoded abstract syntax tree, and you can export it to a third-party platform for subsequent development processes, such as binding click events, publishing and launching
Support copying Schema to clipboard, copying Schema link, saving as file

Applicable scene

✅ New page with lots of Semi components

✅ Semi components are not used, but manual restoration requires complex structure modules with more styles

❌ Layout UI changes for existing pages, incremental requirements

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    • Basic D2C logic
    • Supported Components
    • Global Settings
  • UI Kit
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    • Create Variants
    • Design draft rules
    • Table Usage
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    • Variant Update Notes
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