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Maintained by the Douyin front-end and UED teams, an easy-to-customize modern design system that helps designers and developers create high-quality products.

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Smooth Dev Experience

Focus on the essentials and we’ll take care of the rest

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Design to code

Offical provides powerful design to code capabilities, 3-5s, one-click, generate real code from Figma design draft

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Complete accessibility support

Semi follows W3C standards to provide keyboard interaction, focus management and semantics for all components

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Internationalization and Multilingualism

Semi provides complete multi-language, multi-time zone, RTL support to easily create global applications

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Live Code component

LiveCode allows you to instantly demonstrate your UI components using an online code editor

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Stable quality assurance

Semi uses a variety of methods such as unit testing to ensure the stability and quality of components, and the code coverage rate reaches 90%

SSR support

Semi component library supports SSR scenarios and can be used in frameworks like Next.js、Gatsby、Remix

developer friendly

Easy-to-contribute FA architecture

Semi is designed based on FA architecture, and the main logic is extracted as Foundation package, which is easy to migrate to other frameworks

adapter web components

Easily compatible with web components

Provides a complete adaptation solution. All components can work normally in shadow DOM, which is more suitable for building SDKs, browser plugins and other scenarios that require DOM isolation.


Create variations of UI Styles that suit your brand with full flexibility

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Semi Design Default

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Feishu Universe Design Theme

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Douyin Creator Theme

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CapCut Theme

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Volce Engine Theme

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Managing Themes

Tweak 2000+ tokens with powerful theme editor, synced with Figma

Make design and code homologous

Use real components to draw design drafts and transfer front-end code with one click

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Upload report

Document Chinese name


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Continuous upload

Build State of the Art Apps

Modern design vibes compile with next-gen OS and browsers

In-depth interpretation of content

Learn about our thinking behind accessibility, theme customization, automation solutions

a11y in semi ui

Accessible Design in Semi Design

"A front-end open source UI component library that does not support Accessibility is a disaster"

about semi theme

In-depth explanation of Semi theming scheme

Compatible with diverse brand languages ​​and product forms to avoid meaningless re-creation

evolution of semi d2c

How We Test Semi Design Component

Comprehensively use UnitTest, E2E Test, and Visual Test to ensure the stability of the component library

how we test semi ui

The evolution of Semi D2C design to code

Connect designers and developers with advanced tools

evolution of semi d2c

ByteDance OpenDay Tech Talk

A Deep Dive into Design to Code

Stride along with Users

Semi Design value our users, any kind of contribution is welcome









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Where Design & Dev Work Together

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Semi UI for React, live code demo with full documentation that speed up your workflow.

Component Documentation

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Fully synced design tokens and component variants, powered by Figma.

Figma UIKit

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