high frequency problem

Does it support other design platforms besides Figma?

Not supported, compatibility with other platforms is out of our consideration. Our team is a heavy user of Figma. In our internal business, we will routinely use D2C to perform daily iterative development. If there are related problems, we can expose them earlier and promote repairs. As for other design platforms, we do not have relevant requirements for use, and cannot guarantee the quality of transcoding and the usability of long-term iterations.

Does any design draft support D2C recognition?

Only the design draft based on the latest Semi Figma UI Kit supports code recognition. Otherwise, the component will only be recognized as a normal div layer, which cannot be mapped with real Semi Component Props.
If you want to access the D2C capability, you can recommend the designer students you are connected with to use the latest UI Kit for design. For design students, the usage habits are basically the same as before.

At this stage, what scenarios does D2C support better?

  • Landing Page scene (because it is mainly static display content, there are generally no complex Semi components in the design draft)
  • Form scenarios (we gave priority to supporting 20+ Semi native form components in the first phase, basically covering commonly used Semi Form Field elements, so in form scenarios, the availability of D2C will be relatively good)
  • Custom components and blocks with complex layout or style

What scenarios are not suitable for using Semi D2C at this stage?

  • Based on the semi-deeply customized theme (such as color, spacing...etc.), the design drafts are all produced based on the Figma UI Kit with the Semi theme. Such scenarios are not well supported for now, as we have not yet embedded and identified subject variables
  • Design draft based on Semi dark mode. Since we haven't identified the color variable yet, the toCode ability does not support the design draft of the dark mode well for the time being
  • Using a lot of design drafts that do not yet support components. Currently we have implemented C2D and D2C support for 20+ forms and high-frequency components, see support component list for details

When will Table, Nav, Tree and other components be supported?

Different from components such as Button and Input, these components are complex display components, and the UI form is often strongly related to the data source. The former can automatically generate variants through enumeration, but such complex display components cannot. See Roadmap for more information.
Status update:

Does it currently support C2D and D2C of third-party components and custom Semi materials?

At present, the generation of Semi components is generated by enumerating all attributes in the configuration file. In theory, a custom component can also be generated by enumeration, but in C2D, the layout needs to be adjusted and returned according to the actual situation of the component.
D2C relies on the buried point of the component. In C2D, the component information will be buried on the Figma layer, and in D2C, it will be restored according to the buried point information code. The configuration capability has not been extracted yet.
At present, we are still actively promoting the C2D and D2C support of the remaining 40+ Semi components. For more information, please refer to Roadmap.

Does the product have to be based on CodeSandbox output? Can other types of artifacts be provided, such as json schema?

CodeSandbox is the most basic product form we provide. For more information, please see Roadmap.

ByteDance internal user access plug-in 404?

If you are a ByteDance employee, accessing the ByteDance internal version plug-in will display a 404. Please check if your Figma organization is ByteDance Design.
Figma plug-ins have ownership organizations. If your Figma account is not in the publishing organization of the Semi plug-in, you will not be able to access this plug-in.
As shown below, you can try to search for Semi in the design draft. If you still cannot solve this problem, you can contact customer service.

Images transcoded in CodeSandbox cannot be accessed after a period of time

Due to security reasons, the image link provided by the preview is valid for 3 hours.

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